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3 Top 4×4 Navigation Events To Try!

You devote so much time, money and effort into working on your Land Rovers, it would be a real shame not to put them through their paces every now and again… and the good news in this regard is that there are lots of 4×4 navigation events that are put on in the UK and overseas throughout the year that allow you to do just that.

These events vary from single venue navigation exercises to road rallies along public roads, Ministry of Defence tracks and green lanes and they’re an excellent test of your driving skills, so if you’re looking for a new challenge this year, perhaps one of these events could be just the ticket for you. Which of these will you sign up for?

Roadmaster 4×4

East Yorkshire

Military personnel and civilians alike can take part in the Roadmaster 4×4 navigation challenge, hosted each year by Leconfield’s Defence School of Transport. It’s taking place this year over June 17th-18th, with races including orienteering to test offroad navigational skills, and the gymkhana, which involves manoeuvring out and out of cones.

The Billing Off Road Experience


Head off to Northamptonshire between July 1st and 2nd and you’ll be able to check out the Riverside and Lakeside off-road courses… perfect for seeing what your vehicle can do. The Riverside Course was built 30 years ago, with tracks that wind steeply up and down the banks among the trees. An exciting day out for all!

Wiltshire Weekend Tour


Fast forward to August and you’ll be able to take part in the Wiltshire Weekend Tour, a two-day exploration of the south of the county, as well as a few trails that cross the border into Dorset and Hampshire. Some of the tracks are ancient drove roads and stretch for miles into the countryside, so there will be minimal amounts of tarmac time… just what you want!

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