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British Army To Test Restomodded EV LRs

The British Army will be given modified electric vehicle (EV) Land Rovers to test.

Defence company Babcock International has won a one-year contract together with Electrogenic’s EV restomod team to convert and assess four military Land Rovers. 

Speaking with Top Gear magazine, Babcock International’s managing director of engineering and systems integration Chris Spicer said: “This is a great opportunity to investigate alternative engine technology, which will enable the British Army to extend the life of its Land Rovers as diesel becomes obsolete.”

He added he is “excited” to see how the EVs perform in the tests compared with the diesel and hybrid models, and whether they are as equipped to handle military conditions. 

After replacing the diesel engines with electric powertrains, the Land Rover engine rebuilds will be tested by the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU). 

They will undergo a “series of experimental battlefield / military scenarios, which will assess performance over steep terrain, wading and towing, and different climate-related conditions”. 

Series 1 Land Rovers have been part of military history since after the Second World War, with the Defender replaced in 1994 by the Land Rover Wolf to better suit military environments. 

The Land Rover Wolf includes heavy suspension, weapon mounts, improved brakes and an automatic grenade launcher. 

It is still a popular choice as a light military vehicle, but its Force Protection Ocelot, otherwise known as The Foxhound, has superior blast protection to keep soldiers secure. 

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