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Electric Land Rover Defender Announced For Super Yachts

Land Rover’s iconic Defender is now making waves in the world of luxury superyachts after Everatti – a company known for its expertise in restoring classic cars with electric powertrains – announced that an electric version of the off-roader is being designed to transport owners from their colossal vessels to their onshore destinations.

Designed for the discerning superyacht owner, the vehicle is called the Shore Tender and it’s based on the classic SUV platform, albeit with a sailcloth cover, removable doors and floor panels made from none other than recycled ocean plastic!

As an added touch of opulence, buyers have the option to equip the vehicle with features such as a champagne chiller, picnic hampers and towel storage – all basic essentials if you’re a super-rich yacht owner!

Underneath its stylish exterior, the Shore Tender hides a hand-built electric powertrain constructed to OEM-level standards. 

The vehicle also features advanced charging capabilities, including DC fast charging, ensuring it’s ready for action at the drop of a hat – or anchor! Additionally, buyers receive custom sailcloth duffel bags embroidered with their yacht’s name and they also have the option to personalise the Shore Tender’s paint to match their boat’s colour scheme.

While Everrati has yet to reveal the price tag for the Shore Tender, it’s expected to be in line with the expectations of its affluent target market. That said, for those who can afford multi-million-dollar yachts, cost is likely a secondary concern. 

Moreover, the Shore Tender offers a compelling reason for these high-net-worth individuals to embrace environmentally conscious choices, particularly given the environmental impact of yachts, known as among the most polluting modes of transportation.

The official unveiling of the Shore Tender is scheduled to take place at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show on September 27. While no specific release date has been provided, Everrati has ambitious plans to expand its offerings to the United States, reflecting the growing demand for sustainable luxury transportation.

With this news, it’s clear that there’s growing demand for Land Rover engine rebuilds – whether it’s electric or not.

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