Fleet Of Upcoming EVs Points To A Green Future For JLR

Sustainability is a hot topic right now, and Jaguar Land Rover certainly got the memo with a stream of electric vehicles (EVs) on their way.

Later this year, an all-electric version of the iconic Fifth-Generation Range Rover is set to arrive, which will be followed shortly after by an electric version of the Range Rover Sport sometime next year.

But that’s not all, as Autocar reported that these will be followed in quick succession by two more electric Range Rovers sitting in the same segments as the Velar and Evoque. 

In the past, one knock on many Land Rover and Range Rover models has been their high emissions output. However, it’s clear to see that JLR is taking steps to remedy its environmental impact, and these battery-powered SUVs are part of the manufacturer’s electrification plans.

Indeed, the automaker plans to launch six EVs by 2026 – the four Range Rover models mentioned above, along with two Jaguar models that will form its all-electric “Reimagined” strategy.

The first of those new electric Jaguar vehicles will be a sporty sedan, which we got a sneak-peak of last year. According to Autocar, Jaguar’s second EV will be a large SUV and at some point, there will also be a GT car to complete the year’s three-vehicle offering.

Looking ahead, while Range Rovers, Defenders and Discoveries will offer traditional combustion and hybrid engines for the foreseeable future, after 2024, all Jaguar models will be electric-only.

As reported by Autocar, JLR CEO Adrian Mardell told reporters that slowing down production will give the manufacturer the time it needs to perfect the upcoming models.

He said: “We talked about six Land Rovers by 2026. The reality is we’re likely to have six JLR products by 2026. We’re taking our time to make sure we put the best vehicles we’ve ever developed into the marketplace with that new technology.”

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