Footballer May Face Land Rover Engine Rebuild Bill

There will be times in any Land Rover driver’s life when it is clear the engine needs a bit of work on it. Sometimes this is a result of many years of wear and tear, but it can also be because the essence of a 4×4 is that it can take on some rough off-road challenges.

While the vehicle is built to take a lot of punishment in such circumstances, there are times when a lot of damage can be done by an outright crash. This could leave you needing a full engine rebuild.

This can, of course, happen on the road. And while there are no good ways to have an accident, hitting a police car and making the news headlines because everyone knows who you are is as bad as it can get.

Such was the case for Charlie Cresswell, the Leeds United footballer who collided with a police car in his £60,000 Defender just hours before his team took on Norwich City in an all-important promotion play-off semi-final. It has not yet been established who was at fault.

The pictures certainly showed that the police car had taken a pasting, with its side crumpled. Thankfully, the officer inside it only suffered minor injuries. Indeed, the situation for the footballer could have been a lot worse but for modern car safety technology.

Suffice to say, Land Rovers have more of this than most, but even so, an engine could need some major repairs if it has an accident like this.

According to Range Rover Fanatic, however, a Defender is more likely to suffer from mechanical problems, with overheating being the most notable engine issue it may face.

No doubt Charlie Cresswell will hope for no more Land Rover mishaps, with his team now in the play-off final and hoping to reach next season’s Premier League. As a footballer, he can well afford any repair bill. For the rest of us, however, it is worth noting that a rebuild will be money well spent to keep a robust Land Rover going for many years to come.

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