How Has Range Rover Evolved And Changed Over Time?

Range Rovers are much loved vehicles and it isn’t hard to see why. Style, luxury and a fantastic drive no matter the terrain are all amazing qualities to have in a car and are one of the main reasons they remain so popular to this day.

Of course, over time the look and feel of the range rover has evolved and developed and the cars we know and love today are quite different to the original Rovers that graced our roads all those decades ago.

1970 marked the introduction of the first ever Range Rover, a luxurious and capable SUV model which provided comfort and style all in one.

The 3 door Range Rover was introduced to the world in the 70s, showcasing an elegant design and sturdy body which was fit for a whole range of travel needs.

Ten years later in 1981, the 4 door was introduced. This slightly larger, more accessible vehicle was a hit with many, both those who already loved and cherished their 3 door vehicles and new customers alike.

The 90s saw the introduction of the most luxurious vehicle yet, with more stylistic and recognisable design choices and a sleek new look, the 1994 model more closely resembles the car we know and love today.

2001 saw the second-generation Range Rover and by now the vehicles had a strong fan base and were proving to be one of the most popular choices of car on the road.

The early 2000s there were several new models which evolved and changed, often following each other very closely. This shows how fast the Range Rover had begun to develop and by 2008, there had already been 5 new models released.

Many more models followed between 2011 to the present day and Range Rover has continued to develop into a more luxurious and stylish vehicle as time goes on, maintaining its popularity. 

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