How To Make The Most Of Summer Off-Road

Summer can be a great time to get outdoors and while some folk like their garden parties, country walks, cricket and tennis, there is no doubt that for 4×4 drivers this can be a great time to get off-road.

While some love the challenge of soft ground and wet weather, others will appreciate more favourable conditions and the simple fact that if they do have any mechanical issues or a crash, they won’t be walking off to get help in freezing conditions.

Even so, it is important to learn the best advice to make the most of off-roading in summer weather. As ever, start by getting spare parts for 4×4 vehicles; this may be particularly important to ensure you can swiftly get out there again if you have any problems.

Allied to this is the need for a check-up to see that everything is in good condition and have any work you need undertaking done before you go.

Non-mechanical tips include planning your route and also letting someone know where you are going if you are heading off out on the sticks, so they can raise the alarm if you don’t return on time.

Because it will be warm, you should be careful to make sure your vehicle does not overheat, which is an obvious but easily overlooked danger.

The other key issue is being ready for the terrain you will encounter. Ensuring your tyres are right is crucial, whether this is hard and rocky or perhaps much softer; after all, even in sunny, dry spells some areas of ground can be marshy because they are fed by springs or lie in water catchment areas.

As ever, take some recovery gear in case of problems and ensure that also means plenty of food and drinks, especially to keep yourself rehydrated. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure both you and the 4×4 stay in good condition and don’t get too hot.

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