How To Protect Your Land Rover From Theft

Sadly, Land Rovers and Range Rovers will always be big targets for thieves, so it’s important that if you own a vehicle of this kind that you do all you can to protect it and make sure it’s not easy for someone to pinch.

Recent research from revealed the most stolen cars in the UK, with the Range Rover Sport coming top of the list. The Range Rover Vogue was fourth in the rundown, followed by the Land Rover Discovery, while the Range Rover Evoque took the seventh spot and the Range Rover Autobiography came in ninth.

So, as you can see, it’s absolutely imperative that you take the necessary precautions to protect your interests as a driver of any of these particular makes and models.

Obviously, if possible, locking your vehicle away at night is one of the best ways of preventing theft, so if you do have a garage or outbuilding at your disposal, do make sure you use it. Parking under street lights when out and about can also help deter potential thieves.

Installing a tracking system is also a wise move just in case someone does make off with your car. Check out the benefits of using something like SkyTag, which uses GPS tracking in case your car is stolen, while also alerting you to any tampering on the vehicle via email or text.

Other devices you could make use of include the Clutch Claw, which clamps your brake and clutch pedals together so they can’t be depressed, or the ‘ardcase, which is a steel box that will encase all three pedals completely.

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