Interesting Facts About Land Rover

Land Rover is a popular and favourite car manufacturer and the vehicles they make are both luxurious and functional. Land Rover is even known to be favoured by the royal family and celebrities, but there are also many more interesting facts that you may not know.

Did you know that Land rover actually created the very first monster truck? Fans of extreme sports may know this already, but many others may not. Land Rover was commissioned to create a vehicle that could tackle all manner of muddy, slippery, marshy terrain and thus the monster truck was first created.

They created the vehicle by adding large tractor-like wheels to the body of a car. At the time nobody knew how popular this style of vehicle would become for off-roading and extreme sports.

Another interesting fact is that Land Rovers can also be considered to be movie stars. The vehicles have featured in many films and tv shows over the years, including the nation’s favourite spy films, James Bond!

We are used to seeing flashy supercars on screen but the popularity of Land Rover has remained, making them some of the most notable vehicles in film over the years.

Did you know that the first-ever Land Rover had a singular seat and a central steering wheel? Cars today have two seats in the front and the steering wheel is placed to one side, usually on the right in UK vehicles. But the first Land Rover was slightly different.

It is thought this was done to save time and money when manufacturing the vehicles, so instead of creating both left and right-handed drive models, they simply created a vehicle that had a steering wheel in the middle.

Although this quirk is no more, there are still some antique vehicles that have a central steering wheel to this day!

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