It’s Official – Nothing’s More Desirable Than A Land Rover

Every Land Rover owner thinks the brand and the vehicles under its name are the best on the road and off it, but there is good evidence that this view is very widely shared.

The Aston Barclay Used Car Desirability Index has named the Land Rover Defender as the most desirable used car for August, based on interest, activity and prices fetched at auctions. Not only that, it scored a record high desirability rating for a used car of 9.0 out of 10.

It wasn’t the only Land Rover appearing among the leading vehicles in the index, with the Range Rover coming in 12th at 5.7. If that sounds a long way behind the Defender that’s because it is; even the second-place Mercedes-Benz GLC was left chocking on the dust fumes of the 4×4 as it trailed 1.8 points behind in the ratings.

Other SUVs featured strongly in the table alongside the Land Rovers, including the Audi Q7, Jaguar F-Pace and BMW X5, suggesting that the Defender really is first among equals in one of the hottest corners of the used vehicle market.

Aston Barclay stated: “The number of Defenders coming to auction are limited but when they do they create a great deal of buyer attention which translates into multiple bids and very strong prices.”

Of course, the highest prices commanded by Defenders or any other Land Rover will be those for the vehicles in the best condition. But if you can’t get one in the best shape, a Land Rover engine rebuild specialist will help you get it performing at its peak again.

No doubt the lot of three Land Rovers being sold by Christie’s for an absolute fortune next month will prove even more desirable, given they are among 25 lots in a major sale of James Bond memorabilia after appearing in the Norwegian forest chase scene in No Time To Die.

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