Jaguar Land Rover Commits To £10m Security Upgrade Investment

Jaguar Land Rover has announced a multi-million pound investment to upgrade the security on commonly-stolen vehicles such as its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models.

According to the DVLA, these cars are the most-targeted by thieves. So to provide peace of mind for owners and help prevent car thieves from getting their hands on these Range Rovers, JLR has green-lighted a £10 million investment to upgrade the security features of any vehicle released between 2018-2022.

Since the emergence of keyless technology, owners of not just Range Rovers but vehicles of all makes and models have been more susceptible to car theft. Keyless technology allows drivers to switch their car on and drive away with the touch of a button without having to take their key from their pocket. 

However, thieves are using increasingly sophisticated technology to capture the signal of these keys and trick the car into believing the key is present.

Although this problem is affecting all luxury car owners, JLR acknowledged the issue could have a detrimental impact on their drivers’ enjoyment, vowing to shore up security in the vehicles. 

“While vehicle theft in the UK is affecting the whole car industry, at JLR we understand the negative impact this can have on the ownership experience for our clients,” said managing director, Patrick McGillycuddy.

“Our investment of more than £10 million demonstrates our ongoing commitment to tackling this issue.

“Through our long-standing collaboration with law enforcement and key partners, our expert team will continue to develop and deploy effective anti-theft measures to ensure clients are protected. It is my personal priority.”

If you’re looking for a different type of upgrade for your Range Rover – in particular an engine rebuild – then speak to us today as we’re specialists in this field.

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