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Jaguar Land Rover Reveals New Logo

Jaguar Land Rover wants to be synonymous with modern luxury, which is why it has transformed its logo. 

The JLR identity will include Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar under one brand. However, the Land Rover heritage mark will still be visible on the cars, as well as online and on ecommerce sites. 

Professor Gerry McGovern, JLR’s chief creative officer, said: “This is the next chapter of our Reimagine journey to become a truly modern luxury business.”

He added: “The new JLR identity will bring clarity to our clients and act as a unifier for our four distinct British brands.”

The simplistic trademark has a descending J, which has been designed to “add elegance”, while the lighter weight of the typography illustrates refinement and modernity. 

Fans of the original Land Rover brand will be relieved to hear this will continue to remain part of the company, which is why the heritage mark will still be visible on the vehicles and on social media. 

As part of its ambition to be modern, JLR recently announced it will invest £15 billion in electric vehicles over the next five years.

The money will also be spent on artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, and vehicle programmes.

It plans to make the next generation medium-SUV purely electric, and car enthusiasts will be able to order the first all-electric Range Rover by the end of 2023. 

Those who are not able to get their hands on the latest JLR model could update their vehicle by booking a Range Rover engine specialist to look at their car. 

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