JLR Announces Partnership With Battery Storage Start-Up

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced a forward-thinking partnership with energy storage start-up, Allye Energy, to create a brand-new Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to provide zero emissions while drivers are on the road.

A solitary Allye MAX BESS accommodates seven back-up Range Rover and Range Rover Sport PHEV battery packs, which are seamlessly removed from the vehicles and inserted into tailored racks, without any fuss. 

Each BESS has the capacity to store 270kWh of energy when fully charged, which, to put into context, is enough to sustain the energy needs of an average UK household for nearly a month!

Pioneering the use of JLR’s second-life Range Rover batteries, the BESS has the capacity to charge up to nine Range Rover PHEVs simultaneously, with its design allowing for easy charging by simply plugging it into any CCS-capable Vehicle Charger.

The BESS could also have a number of additional uses, such as powering off-grid vehicle launches or tests and events in remote areas. Moreover, the partnership signals JLR’s continued commitment to going all-electric before 2030.

“Our Reimagine strategy is all about shifting our mindset to consider circular over linear business models,” said Francois Dossa, Executive Director of Strategy and Sustainability at JLR.

“This battery innovation and partnership with Allye demonstrates the value we can create from repurposing and reusing batteries, such as from our Range Rover vehicles. 

We are creating new value from a used commodity that would otherwise go directly to recycling, keeping them in use for longer, and providing innovative renewable energy storage solutions.”

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