JLR Gigafactory Will Create 4,000 Jobs In Somerset

Tata Motors, the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, has revealed its upcoming £4 billion electric vehicle (EV) battery factory will be located in Somerset, in what’s sure to be a major boost for the region.

The brand-new gigafactory, which will be capable of producing 40GWh of cells annually, will be built at a site near Bridgwater in Somerset. 

The site will produce batteries for its own JLR vehicles, as well as selling to other manufacturers, and production is scheduled to begin sometime in 2026.

The factory is expected to produce around 4,0000 jobs for the local area, which Emma Rawlings, chief executive of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, welcomes with open arms. 

She said: “The development would bring opportunities for the area. This puts Somerset, its businesses and workforce at the heart of the green revolution to switch to electric vehicles.

“Somerset businesses are already familiar with the Hinkley Point C supply chain so are well placed to provide expertise for the gigafactory,” she added.

The factory will be built on a 620-acre site called Gravity, which is basically a smart technology campus on the site of a former Royal Ordnance factory.  

During the Second World War, an explosive called RDX was manufactured for use in bombs such as the 12,000lb Tallboy, so the site certainly has some history!

This is just the latest development in JLR’s plan to reduce its impact on the climate. Recently, the brand unveiled six upcoming EVs, including an all-electric version of the iconic Fifth-Generation Range Rover, an electric version of the Range Rover Sport, a Velar, an Evoque and two Jaguars.

So it’s clear to see that JLR is keen to shed its reputation as the carmaker for those who care little about emissions. 

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