JLR Promises To Fix ‘Unacceptable’ Quality Issues

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) isn’t known for its reliability and had been ranked third least dependable brand in a 2020 study by JD Power. Now CEO Thierry Bolloré wants to fix the issues that taint the luxury car manufacturer and believes that the turnaround is already underway.

According to Autocar, Bolloré has said that following the promotion of Powertrain Manufacturing Director Nigel Blenkinsop to a board position for quality and customer satisfaction, JLR has already slashed warranty expenditures by a third for the model year 2021.

The chief executive also outlined recent changes to JLR’s vehicle design process, including upgrading and standardising technology, improving how components are designs, as well as how well they integrate.

“We now have a member of the board responsible for the whole value chain, which makes a big difference,” Bolloré said.

“We\’re improving processes to get better quality by design. This is the first pillar of Reimagine, our transformation plan. Our results have been unacceptable, but we know how to fix them. It\’s not science, just hard work. Already the 2021 results are better, but we have more to do.”

JLR described its Reimagine plan as a ‘sustainability-rich reimagination of luxury, unique customer experiences, and positive societal impact’

The first results of the plan arrived last month when JLR showcased a new hydrogen fuel cell-powered Defender prototype, paving the way for six new Land Rover EVs by 2026, the first arriving in 2024. JLR’s Jaguar marque aims to become purely electric by 2025.

JLR hopes to achieve company-wide carbon net neutrality by 2040, a decade ahead of the International Paris Climate Accord\’s 2050 deadline.

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