JLR Re-Introduces It’s In-House Insurance Cover

Jaguar Land Rover has relaunched its own insurance product to help those who were finding it difficult to receive cover on their Range Rover vehicles.

Some Range Rover owners had voiced their concerns recently after exorbitant insurance premiums had priced them out. So to help its drivers afford their insurance cover, JLR has reintroduced its own in-house insurance solution.

The company’s in-house insurance offerings were shelved in late 2022 after it was revealed Range Rovers were the most targeted vehicles by thieves. But after recently announcing a £10m security upgrade on vehicles built between 2018 and 2022, the car maker has decided to bring its insurance solution out of retirement to help struggling motorists.

A JLR spokesperson said: “Customers of luxury cars and other luxury goods are experiencing an increase in thefts due to organised criminal activity in the UK. 

“The desirability of our luxury vehicles, coupled with concerns around thefts, has recently led to challenges in obtaining insurance cover for some clients. We are fully committed to doing everything we can to address this by adopting a multifaceted approach: from our significant investment in vehicle security, to now providing our own insurance. 

“While our new insurance proposition is a key milestone, we want to reassure clients that we will continue monitoring and refining our service so that even more clients can take advantage of it.” 

This is positive news if you’re a Range Rover owner. Not only are JLR shoring up the security of thousands of vehicles to help thwart thieves, but they’re also offering a lifeline to those customers who were struggling to afford their cover.

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