JLR Responds To Sky-High Range Rover Policies

Amid soaking insurance costs for Range Rover models, Jaguar Land Rover has said the exorbitant policies are down to insurers rather than any security flaws with the vehicles.

Stories have emerged recently with Range Rover owners claiming they can’t afford to get their vehicles insured due to sky-high costs of up to £20,000.

Some have blamed the high number of thefts the models are involved in.

But while Range Rovers have the most stolen cars in the past, following a number of security upgrades offered by the manufacturer, Range Rovers dropped down the ‘most stolen’ list last year. 

Despite this, the insurance industry is showing no signs of reducing the cost of their products, which has led to JLR’s UK managing director speaking out on the matter. 

As reported by Fleet News, Patrick McGillycuddy, said: “Range Rover is not the most stolen vehicle in the UK. It’s just not true.”

Mr McGillycuddy then cited the theft figures for 2023 that show that the number of Range Rover stolen was down by 27 per cent on 2022 and Range Rover Sport thefts fell by 29 per cent.

Moreover, the new Range Rover was launched in 2021, McGillycuddy said only 0.08 per cent of them had been stolen.

“These theft issues are predominantly affecting our older vehicles: 2016 through to 2018 model years, and a little bit into 2019,” he explained.

To counter the issue, JLR even offered its very own insurance policy for customers who were finding it hard to get coverage elsewhere. So it’s clear to see the manufacturer is doing all it can to ensure its customers can afford to drive their vehicles.

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