JLR Reveals Ambitious Sustainable Energy Plan

In news that will no doubt please the eco-conscious, Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its plans to generate more than a quarter of its UK electricity from renewable sources.

JLR vehicles often come under fire for being inefficient, often referred to as “gas guzzlers”. But it looks like the manufacturer will aim to reduce its carbon footprint, at the manufacturing process at least.

Plans have revealed that the carmaker intends to set up its own renewable projects – predominantly solar – at three locations, with the off-grid initiatives aiming to produce around 120MW of renewable energy.

These locations include the company’s Halewood plant in Merseyside, the newly named Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre (EPMC) in Wolverhampton and its Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire.

Francois Dossa, JLR strategy and sustainability executive director, said: “These new projects will diversify our energy portfolio, reduce our reliance on grid electricity and help us to reduce our energy bills. 

“The steps we are taking further support our ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2039 and to hit our mid-term science-based targets along the way.”

Solar Installations

JLR plans to use a mixture of rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels. This is in addition to solar carports that will power processes and electric car charging, which will boost self-generated energy capability from solar by 16 per cent.

If everything goes to plan, all three of the facilities should be operational by the end of 2026. 

Although the projects will undoubtedly come with a massive upfront cost, JLR is likely looking at this as a long-term investment. After all, once the projects are up and running, a quarter of all energy required for manufacturing will be free!

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