JLR To Move V8 Production In-House

The future of Jaguar Land Rover’s AJ supercharged V8 has been uncertain ever since the announcement from Ford that it was closing down its Bridgend plant in September.

However, Autocar reports that JLR will be taking over production for the engine at its Wolverhampton site, with the possibility of transferring some of the Bridgend workforce to the Midlands too. The AJ supercharged V8 is used in everything from the F-Type to the Range Rover.

“Manufacture of the JLR-designed V8 petrol engines previously made at Bridgend will move to the JLR Engine Manufacturing Centre, with further detail to be confirmed at a later date,” said a JLR spokesperson.

The Ford manufacturing plant at Bridgend is reported to be mostly used for manufacturing for third parties, such as JLR, with the production of the Ford Sigma and Dragon engines a lesser priority to the AJ supercharged V8. The Welsh facility has been increasing production of the V8 to build up a buffer of supples for during the shift in production.

It has been speculated that the AJ engine will still be manufactured for another three to five years, which would coincide with the launch of even more stringent EU7 emissions regulations, and that once that happens JLR may adopt BMW’s 4.4L V8 as part of their powertrain deal.

The demand for V8 engines has decreased in the EU, but they are still ever-popular in the US and the Middle East, which is the key motivation for JLR to take over the production of the engine.

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