JLR To Partner With Chery For EV Rollout

As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR’s) big electric vehicle (EV) revamp, a big collaboration appears to be on the cards.

That’s because, according to a report by CNEVPost, the luxury carmaker plans to team up with Chinese manufacturer Chery to use one of the company’s platforms for its electric and hybrid vehicles.

Chery is China’s third-largest manufacturer of vehicles and the two companies recently announced they would be working together on some EVs. 

And now, both parties have come together for JLR’s soon-to-be-released electrified offerings, with the British manufacturer planning to use the platform Chery uses on its Exceed brand, for its hybrid and electric cars. 

Announcing its rebrand last year, JLR revealed it would be following many of its competitors by switching to EVs. The brand also revealed major upgrades to manufacturing facilities, to help support the big switch. And with the all-electric Range Rover scheduled for sometime next year, the final pieces are being put in place ahead of its much-anticipated arrival.

In truth, this partnership is hardly a surprise. JLR and Chery have been in a joint venture in China since 2012, as the South East Asian company handles the local production of the Jaguar XF long-wheelbase, the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The company has vowed to only sell EVs after 2030 and reach carbon net zero emissions by 2039 while applying what it calls an Open Innovation strategy to help hit those targets. 

Essentially, this means JLR is open to collaborating with other manufacturers which will not only help the brand to cut costs on its end but also speed up the development of various systems in the areas of electrification, such as this partnership with Chery.

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