Land Rover Driver Spotted Driving In Floods Responds

A motorist who hit the headlines after driving his Land Rover Discovery through floodwater in Bristol has revealed he was responding to a customer call-out.

Jack Chapman, from Almondsbury, was criticised after footage emerged of a vehicle submerged in water being driven through flooded streets in the South Western city. Heavy rainfall from Storm Henk had caused the River Avon to rise.

The Environment Agency (EA) had warned people to move their vehicles to higher ground and avoid low-lying footpaths due to the floods. However, Mr Chapman ignored the advice and drove through floodwater, which drew criticism from commenters on social media.

But after appearing in the news for all the wrong reasons, Mr Chapman, who runs a business offering specialist road assistance and transportation needs in case of bad weather, has revealed he was actually helping a customer. 

The 29-year-old told the Bristol Post that the Land Rover he was driving is designed to withstand floods and is completely waterproof: “It is suitable for off-roading and I felt pretty relaxed about it. I spent good money on it for a reason.

“I was just doing my job and trying to help others. We were trying to save other cars that became stranded and build walls to stop the flooding.

“There were no warnings on the road that it would be flooded, and it is the only way to get in or out of the industrial estate where there are other businesses.”

As Mr Chapman pointed out, Land Rover Discoveries are designed to battle through high waters, and it’s good to see him sticking to his duties and helping his customers despite the treacherous conditions. 

Having said that, if you find yourself in floods, it’s best to stick to the EA’s advice and keep your vehicle on higher ground, just to be on the safe side!

Hopefully, not too many vehicles were damaged in the floods. If your vehicle becomes damaged or you need any repairs, speak to us as we offer everything from full engine rebuilds to services.

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