Land Rover Extends Partnership With Virgin Galactic

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced a three-year extension to its global partnership with commercial spacecraft firm Virgin Galactic.

Auto Express reports that Virgin Galactic’s latest spaceship, unveiled on 30 March, was supported by a Range Rover Astronaut Edition. JLR is to remain an integrated part of Virgin Galactic’s day-to-day operations as the firm completes test flights of SpaceShipTwo and prepares to put them into regular commercial service.

JLR’s vehicles have become an integral part of the Virgin Galactic team, being used for a variety of roles, including towing the spacecraft, carrying equipment, and clearing runways prior to take-off.

The vehicles were also used in key roles during the company’s first two spaceflights that saw Virgin Galactic become the first private company to send humans into space on a vessel designed for commercial service.

A fleet of Land Rovers supported Virgin Galactic’s relocation from its manufacturing and test facilities in Mojave, California, to Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Approximately 600 Future Astronaut customers have signed up to Virgin Galactic, all of whom will be transported in Land Rover vehicles to the waiting spaceships from Spaceport America.

Joe Eberhardt, president and chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover North America, said: “Accessible space travel for explorers worldwide is the next great big adventure. Land Rover is proud to work alongside the Virgin Galactic team to support all future astronauts as they push the boundaries of personal adventure even further.”

Michael Colglazier, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Galactic, said that Land Rover vehicles provide invaluable support on the ground in Mojave and at Spaceport America in New Mexico and that it was ‘fabulous’ to see Future Astronauts from all over the world enjoying the transit in the unique Range Rover Astronaut Edition.

“With a shared pioneering spirit, pursuit of adventure and vision to push the boundaries of travel, this is a natural collaboration between our two companies and one that will take exploration to new heights,” he said.

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