Land Rover Set To Support 2021 Dakar Rally

Land Rover is set to make a return to the most extreme motorsport event in the world, as two models of the new Defender 110 model will play a key supporting role in the 2021 running of the Dakar Rally.

Two production-spec models of Jaguar Land Rover’s newest 4×4 are set to traverse the length and breadth of the 4,751-mile rally raid race, transporting, crew, equipment and vital supplies for teams and drivers, according to Land Rover’s website.

This gives the crew the ability to set up Land Rover engine rebuilds, parts repairs and replacements across the 12 ruthless desert stages taking place across Saudi Arabia through the first two weeks of January.

Land Rover have a history and pedigree in the race, having won the very first running of what was then known as the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1979 with a Range Rover.

The legendary marque also won a second Paris-Dakar rally in 1981, demonstrating how the car’s reputation of being able to “climb every mountain, ford every stream” ultimately was.

The race is famously exceptionally treacherous, and the vehicles that compete are dedicated off-road vehicles build to survive the famously tough desert conditions, where rocks, camel grass and desert dunes have destroyed many a car and motorcycle.

As a result, unlike typical World Rally Championship events, which use road cars modified for the tougher conditions of a rally stage, heavy-duty offroad vehicles are used, such as 4x4s, pickup trucks and dedicated buggies.

The fact that production-spec Defender 110s are being used as support vehicles is a credit to the reliability and robustness of Land Rovers new and old.

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