Land Rover To Expand The Defender Line With Luxury Flagship

After the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery, parent company Jaguar Land Rover is looking to bring three new models into the line.

Already announced and even spotted being tested on German roads is the Defender 130, a long-wheelbase, eight-seater top-of-the-range version of the new Defender, and plans have been leaked that suggest a luxury version and a pick-up truck model have also been considered.

The former would be primarily based on the 2022 Range Rover and would take the new Defender quite far away from its utilitarian roots, and the latter would be based on the standard model, albeit replacing the rear seating with a flatbed.

According to sources that revealed the information to Autocar, the logic behind the decision was to turn the Defender line into its own model family similar to the successful diversification of Range Rover, allowing for high margin vehicles based on a standard platform.

The start of this diversification of a line that initially had exactly two models was the launch of the Range Rover Sport in 2004, which in practice was the replacement of the classic Range Rover that has become an upmarket full-size 4×4 at that point.

This was then followed in 2011 by the Range Rover Evoque, the smallest Range Rover and a vehicle that rivals the classic Defender in size, as well as the Range Rover Velar in 2017.

Even the Land Rover Discovery has seen an extra model to the range with the former Freelander becoming the Discovery Sport.

This, along with the gradual shift to electric models is something of a gamble for JLR, but one that could put the company in the strongest financial shape it has ever been after a few years of struggling.

It is also an intriguing prospect for the engine rebuild specialist, given the Defender’s previous popularity as a platform to build fascinating modifications off of.

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