Land Rover Used To Travel World In 1970s To Be Restored

Plans have been revealed to restore a Land Rover that was used by a couple to travel the world during the 1970s have been revealed.

Charles Forman wants to transform his parents’ adventure vehicle and even bring it into the 21st Century by converting the engine to an electric one. 

“Nowadays, a lot of these old Land Rovers are being converted to electric because of technology. And I think that would be a cool thing to do,” he told CNN Travel.

He would also need to replace or repair a lot of its existing parts, but hopes it will be able to go on more adventures to “places it has not yet been driven to”. 

However, Charles might find it a challenge to find anywhere it hasn’t been, after his parents, Alec and Jan Forman used it to travel across Europe, Africa and Asia more than 45 years ago. 

First, they drove through Europe on to Morocco, then on to Algeria and through the Sahara Desert. They journeyed on to Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, before going on to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal,  and back through Europe. 

They then moved to Mali but used their Land Rover whenever they returned home to the UK. The couple eventually took it to Germany, where they settled in 1999. 

It was then taken to France by a family friend, where it has sat in his barn since 2021.  

However, Charles has launched a Kickstarter bid to raise funds to restore the vehicle, as well as publish a photobook with 300 pictures of his parents’ epic adventure. He hopes to raise £13,500 by December 18th.  

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