Land Rovers ‘Most Frequently Stolen Cars In Britain’

Land Rover engine rebuilds can be needed for many reasons. Sometimes there has been a mechanical failure. On occasions, it is a matter of wear and tear after years of use. But a more straightforward reason could be damage after a vehicle is stolen.

Any car can be nicked, of course, but the most common thefts are by nature going to be of highly desirable vehicles. That is certainly true of Land Rovers, which have been revealed to be the most commonly stolen vehicle brand of all.

Almost every week it is possible to find a story about a Land Rover being stolen. For example, the Craven Herald & Pioneer has just reported on the theft of a Land Rover from a farm in Elslack in North Yorkshire, not exactly an area notorious for car crime.

However, while that incident may have taken place in an isolated area, it is far from an isolated incident. As has been widely reported, analysis of DVLA data by price comparison site revealed that the Land Rover R Rover Velar R-Dyn HSE D180 A – 2 was the model most stolen in 2022, at a rate of 2,117 per 100,000.

Next on the list was the RR Sport HSE Dyn Black P400E A. Overall, Land Rover models occupied five of the first seven places and six of the top ten for thefts.

A stolen Land Rover may be recovered, but during that time it may have sustained damage to the engine or other parts due to the circumstances in which it was stolen, including collisions as it is driven away, or damage thereafter through neglect in storage or the vehicle coming to grief after being taken by joyriders.

If you have had a Land Rover stolen but recovered, you may have had a lot of work to do to get it back in shape. However, no matter what the circumstances in which your vehicle has come to be damaged, an engine rebuild should have it back to its best in no time.

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