Land Rovers Recalled Over Software Stalling Issue

Land Rover fans are usually pretty excited when a new version is produced, featuring all sorts of new innovations and adding to the pantheon of vehicles to be fascinated by. But now and again, not everything goes to plan.

This is certainly true for the latest Land Rover Defender, as Autoevolution reports. The 2020 model has had a few issues recently the latest being an issue with a powertrain control module that can sometimes suddenly switch off while the vehicle is on the road, causing it to stall.

As a result, many of the vehicles have been recalled. In the US, there have already been 164 manufacturer communications and nine complaints sent to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It’s not just in the US where issues have arisen with the newest Land Rovers. In Australia, a product recall was issued last month after 533 of the 2021 versions of the Defender and Discovery were found to have leaky exhausts that increased the risk of fire.

In addition to this, the software used in the latest Discovery and Defender models are incompatible with each other.

All that may raise issues in the future for owners of the latest Discovery and Defender models who need new parts, or even full Land Rover engine rebuilds. However, motorists should rest assured that skilled engineers will know exactly what to do, not least as the solutions the maker comes up with for these problems will be adopted by engineers everywhere going forward.

At the same time, it may come as a certain reassurance to owners of more vintage models that the task of repairing and maintaining their vehicles will in some ways be simpler.

The new complex software used in new Land Rovers will have many benefits when it works, but those whose Land Rovers do not have them will at least have one less thing that can go wrong.

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