New Range Rover Gets Rave Reviews

Every time a new vehicle is launched, car enthusiasts immediately read all the reviews they can to see whether the new models live up to the hype. This is never more true than with Britain’s most sought-after car – the Range Rover. 

The 2022 model doesn’t disappoint, however, as it has already received great reviews. 

Auto Car, for instance, wrote: “It’s beautifully made, massively roomy and generally very quiet, unless you turn up the excellent Meridian sound system, of course.”

Reviewing the V8 version, it noted its eight-speed automatic gearbox, 4.4 litres, and 23-inch wheels. 

Piston Heads stated: “There is nothing ‘Stang or Chevy about this V8. It’s more along the lines of an old-school SZ Rolls, just with quicker crank speeds than any other 6.75-litre L-series.”

The reviewer went on to say the P530 V8 is a “lovely thing”, adding it is the “most modern and accomplished V8 Range Rover to date”. 

Even those who buy the basic model of the new Range Rover will get three-zone climate control; 20-way heated electronic front seats with power recline heated rear seats; 3D surround camera; adaptative cruise control with steering assist; fixed panoramic roof; animated directional indicators; a 13.1-inch touchscreen with Amazon Alexa; wireless Apple CarPlay; and a wireless device charging with phone signal booster. 

It also has a maximum total power output of 300 HP, can go up to 135 mph and has an acceleration for 0 to 60 mph of 6.5 secs. 


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