Noise-cancelling Tech Enhances Range Rovers’ Audio Experience

Owners of the Range Rover Sport SV can really enjoy its impressive sound system, thanks to noise-cancelling technology. 

The car boasts a 27-speaker Meridian Signature audio system, onboard noise-cancelling features, and Body and Soul front seats, which all help drivers enjoy a unique music experience. 

The seats, for instance, are powered by SUBPAC, and can convert sound into a “deeply immersive and nuanced physical bass”. 

SUBPAC technology involves using artificial intelligence optimising software, haptic amplifiers and in-built transducers. This helps to create a “paradigm shift in your experience of music”. 

In addition to this, its noise-cancelling features can reduce road sounds by generating inverted sound waves that block incoming noises, helping the driver to fully immerse themselves in the music that is playing in their car. 

Additionally, its multi-speaker system lets the motorist control the volume and location of the sound, so it is most pleasing to them. 

Emilie Leienaise-Farrouch, musician and film composer, commented on the music system in the Range Rover Sport SV, telling Wired: “That’s why so many of us love listening to music on a car trip, with the landscape flowing all around you when you’re in this bubble of music.”

This is not the only impressive feature of the vehicle, as CityAM has given the Range Rover Sport SUV a glowing review, due to spacious interior, cavernous boot, low ride and stiff chassis making it feel sportier than previous models. 

It also boasts a minimalistic look, advanced technology with its central touchscreen, precise steering, grip, and tight controls. 
This is the third generation of the Range Rover Sport, which means those who cannot get their hands on the latest model can still benefit from sporty ride by getting a Range Rover engine specialist to repair any faults in previous models.

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