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Range Rover Thefts Drop Following Security Upgrades

It appears JLR’s recent Range Rover security upgrades have paid off, with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) revealing there was a significant decline in thefts of the model last year.

Unflattering statistics showed that the Range Rover models remained the most stolen vehicles in the country in the previous 12 months. This prompted the manufacturer to act, and in response, they committed to a free security upgrade for owners of models released between 2018 and 2022. Any newer models already have the latest security features.

These upgrades, which set the car-maker back £10m, appear to have had an immediate impact, with JLR sharing the DVLA data that came to light following a freedom of information request. Highlighting the most stolen cars, the data showed a dramatic decrease in Range Rover thefts, with the Ford Fiesta taking top spot.

The Range Rover Sport was down to fifth with 1,631 vehicles stolen, representing a 28.6 per cent decrease on 2022’s figures.

After hearing the news first reported by the Daily Mail, JLR was only too happy to share it with its social media followers.

“The rapid decline in Range Rover thefts in the last year, demonstrates the strength of our latest vehicle security measures,” said Patrick McGillycuddy, JLR’s UK Managing Director. 

“These significant reductions are a result of engineering our new vehicles to be robust against all known theft methods through the latest anti-theft technology, endorsed by third-party experts like Thatcham. 

“In fact, our latest data shows that only ten out of 12,200 of the latest model of Range Rovers have been stolen since January 2022.”

So if you own a Range Rover model and you’ve recently had your vehicle upgraded, no doubt this will put you in a good mood! What would surely do the opposite is if your vehicle suddenly broke down, which is why it’s crucial to stay on top of servicing.

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