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Rugby Fans Fight To Get Hands On Limited Edition Defenders

Land Rover has got rugby fans into a spin after announcing it will release limited edition versions of its Defender model to celebrate the Rugby World Cup

The new vehicle was first revealed on Thursday (September 7th), the day before the tournament began.

This is when it showcased the 23 Defenders to eagerly-awaiting media at Le Palais de Tokyo. 

For those who missed Land Rover specialists presenting the new vehicle last week, it has 22-inch satin gold alloy wheels, a bonnet script, and is entirely black with gold detailing. Behind the front wheel, there are Rugby World Cup 2023 logos on the fender. 

Something else unique the limited edition vehicles do is illuminate the Rugby World Cup 2023 logo on the ground at night. 

Sports fans will recognise the Defender 110 P400e electric hybrid car on October 28th, as it has been styled to replicate the Trophy Car that will award the winning team their gong at the end of the tournament. 

Some people might have seen the special vehicle already, as it has been on a 2,500-mile trip around France over the last few weeks. 

While this vehicle is certainly both luxurious and exciting, as its styling is based entirely on the Rugby World Cup 2023, it’ll probably only be in demand from serious rugby fans. 

For instance, the front headrests will boast an embroidered Rugby World Cup 2023 logo, there will be a laser-etched fascia end cap on the dashboard with the words ‘Rugby World Cup France 2023’, and they will be illuminated tread plates with the same print. 

It’s not a huge surprise that a new Defender has been released to mark the sporting event, as Land Rover is a Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup France 2023. 

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