Teen Who Can’t Drive Wins Range Rover

Owning a Range Rover is a dream for many drivers, but someone who has got their hands on one of the latest models is not legally allowed to use it. 

Daniel Harkin-Jones recently won a brand new Range Rover Kahn Velar P400, but the 18-year-old is unable to drive it, as he has not passed his driving test, the Chronicle Live reported

The teenager from South Tyneside was “utterly gobsmacked” when he won the BOTB online car competition and presenter Christian Williams turned up at his home in Jarrow to deliver the motor.

“The win hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I’ve told a few of my mates but they can’t quite believe it either. Looks like my Vauxhall Corsa will have to go!” Daniel told the paper.

Although the teen currently has a Corsa, he has yet to pass his driving test and hopes to do so in a couple of months. 

Christian added it is a “shame it’s going to be a while before he can put [the Range Rover] through its paces”. 

Indeed, the motor produces 394 brake horsepower, has a three-litre straight-six petrol engine, and comes with 23-inch wheels, and two carbon-fibre spoilers. 

The BOTB online car competitions work by selling tickets from 90p, depending on the value of the car. The Range Rover vehicle contest cost £2.60 to enter, with the motor valued at over £90,000.  

Most people aren’t lucky enough to win such an amazing car in a competition, but if you own a Range Rover already, you could opt for an engine rebuild to make it as good as new

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