The Awards Keep Coming For Range Rover Models

Range Rover has picked up countless awards over the years, due to the cars’ immaculate designs, excellent performance, and luxurious feel. And the accolades are continuing to come, as it recently achieved a double-whammy of awards.

Anyone who has owned a Range Rover, either new or second-hand, will not be surprised to hear that it beat Porsche and Bentley for the title of the Best Luxury Car. The win came at the Auto Trader New Car Awards 2024, which are chosen by car owners themselves.

This accolade holds a significant meaning, having come from drivers, who have authentic experience of the models. 

They also chose the Range Rover Sport as the Best Car for Towing, which beat the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen Touareg. 

The Range Rover Sport boasts a reductive design, which helps to improve its performance, ultra-lightweight carbon fibre 23-inch wheels, a 635 HP twin-turbo V8 engine, a 6D Dynamics suspension system and carbon ceramic brake discs. 

It also has adaptive dynamics, which minimises unwanted body movements during sharp corners or heavy braking, and torque vectoring, delivering controlled handling. 

A recent review of the Range Rover Sport in Auto Express also gave it a high 4.5 out of five for its overall rating, and 4.4 out of five for its engine, performance and drive. 

Its ability to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in just 6.3 seconds was hailed as “impressive”, while the D350 model can achieve the same speed in only 5.6 seconds. 

In conclusion, it stated: “Land Rover has managed to deliver a well-judged package that is really good to drive.”

Car owners do not need to have the latest model to enjoy this motor though, as a Range Rover Sport engine rebuild can give them the chance to experience its performance, speed and functionality.

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