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The Greatest And Most Influential Car Engines Ever Built

Automotive engines come in all shapes and sizes, and many different manufacturers and engineers have brought a wide range of new and interesting ideas.

Some of these engine designs do not work at all, some are predictable but reliable, whilst others become influential and outright legendary.

Part of the reason for the long-term success of the Range Rover Classic, for example, was its incredible Rover V8 engine at its core, which was lightweight, reliable, efficient and immensely powerful.

It was one of the few engines that was always worth rebuilding and repairing rather than replacing in any classic car that used it and may be one of the greatest engines ever built.

Here are some other competitors.

Toyota 4AGE I4

Inspired heavily by the Ford Escort Cosworth BDA engine, Toyota’s 4AGE engine was for decades their Swiss Army Knife; it was an engine that was compact enough to fit in small cars but also provided tremendous torque and fuel economy for its size.

During a golden age for the company where it produced cars such as the Corolla GT AE86/Sprinter Trueno, the 4AGE was versatile, ahead of its time but also robust and long-lasting enough to be the beating heart of almost any type of car.

BMW S70/2 V12

The McLaren F1 was a glorious case of engineering excess, as the greatest designers and engineers in the automotive world tried to create the best car ever made, money no object.

To achieve this, McLaren commissioned BMW to create a V12 engine for this new project, which they did by heavily modifying a concept design originally intended for the E31 M8 car that ultimately would not be made.

It featured variable valve timing technology and a valve train that would later be used in six-cylinder M-Series cars, proving that the engine was not only the best of its era but also influenced a generation of fast BMW cars in the early 2000s.

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