The Mysterious Land Rover Built For Mega City One

It is rare to discuss classic Land Rovers and science fiction in the same sentence, as whilst a well-kept, maintained and restored model could potentially outlive its original owner, many restoration enthusiasts are interested in preserving the past rather than designing the future.

However, there is an unusual example of Land Rover retrofuturism, which intersects both enthusiasts and innovators alike, both thanks to a rather unusual Sylvester Stallone film from 1995.

The 1995 Judge Dredd film, based exceptionally loosely on the famous 2000AD comic of the same name, had a product placement deal with Land Rover (at this point owned by BMW).

Since having the most recent Freelander or Discovery models would be inappropriate for a film set in 2139, Land Rover decided to design several vehicle concepts, most notably the City Cab armoured taxi.

In the film, Land Rover was the only surviving car manufacturer, so every vehicle on the streets is made by them, and the City Cab was designed to be what a futuristic rugged taxi would look like, made using a custom fibreglass body and with an interesting utilitarian and highly angular look.

One surprise is that despite being used as props for a film, several City Cabs have been registered for use on the road, and the reason why this is possible is due to the fascinating secret the City Cab hides.

Underneath the prop body is a Land Rover 101FC (Forward Control), which is amongst the rarest and most unusual Land Rover models ever made.

The reason for this is that it was only ever sold to the public as a military surplus model, and was in fact a gun tractor vehicle designed specifically for the British Army.

Only 31 of these vehicles were selected to be turned into the City Cabs, one of which has a complete working interior, designed for the close-up shots in the film.

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