The Worst Ever Offroad Cars

Offroad cars, such as 4x4s, crossovers, rally cars and pickup trucks, are hugely popular and successful, partly because of the ruggedness and versatility they provide, but also for the freedom they represent.

Whilst most offroad cars only really go offroad when they are driven onto a driveway, the fact there is the potential to take them into rough terrain and know they were likely to fare well makes them ideal.

However, some offroad cars are so appalling, so prone to requiring engine rebuilds, repairs and modifications to even navigate a speedbump that they become infamous.

Here are some of the worst ever offroad cars.

The Vauxhall Frontera

Also known as the Isuzu MU, Isuzu Wizard, Isuzu Rodeo, Honda Passport and half a dozen other names, this cheap and nasty rushed 4×4 was the result of a partnership between General Motors and Isuzu and did quite a bit of damage to both the Isuzu and Vauxhall name.

The problem was that whilst the sensational Range Rover line had proven you can have both offroad capability and a smooth ride on the road, the Frontera was borderline dangerous to drive on the road, with bad handling combined with a terribly bouncy ride.

As well as this, the early engines used were unreliable and were thirsty even by 4×4 standards, with 20 miles per gallon being ambitious.

Its only claim to fame is being the very last car Jeremy Clarkson would be seen to drive on Top Gear before the violent attack that would see him dismissed from the show.

Suzuki Vitara X-90

In some cases when looking at a bad car, you need to carefully examine the inner workings and designs to work out what went wrong. With the Vitara X-90, you only need to look at it to know it was a disaster.

The theory wasn’t terrible at Suzuki; they wanted to make a practical little offroad car with sports car styling.

What you would get instead is the worst of both worlds; it was a woefully slow and unreliable car with disastrous handling and looks that only an alien could love.

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