Victory for Jaguar Land Rover Workers!

The land rover and range rover models are among the most iconic in motoring. Known for being reliable vehicles with off-road capabilities, they nevertheless require careful and consistent maintenance. Engine rebuilds are routinely offered, and specialists can take on the job with courtesy and professionalism. 

In the UK there is an air of discontent among the working population. Rail strikes have been a significant news topic all summer, and various other industries including healthcare and education are now in the process of balloting their workforces for strike action. Meanwhile, postal workers have already opted for a walkout, due to take place in the next couple of months. 

Amidst all this news of industrial strife, it is therefore encouraging to see the good news coming out of Coventry. Here Land Rover workers are due to get a 12.2 percent pay rise. This comes following recent efforts by the manufacturer to row back on such a rise, opting to instead offer 6 percent plus a lump sum of £5000. 

Unite the Union balloted Jaguar Land Rover staff, who by an overwhelming 84 percent rejected efforts by the company to go back on the pay deal. Now the 10,000 workers employed by Jaguar Land Rover are due to receive a pay rise just above the current level of the retail price index (RPI), something which many industries have not been able to give their workforce. 

A Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson was quoted as saying: \”Like all businesses, we continue to monitor global economic conditions which are evolving very quickly in 2022, including the continuing out-of-trend rise in RPI. We can confirm that after discussions with our trade union, a revision to our pay and conditions deal was taken to its members for ballot”.

The spokesperson continued: “Members have opted to remain with the original conditions of that deal which will be actioned as per the previously agreed terms”.

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