Vintage Land Rover Found After 36 Years

Some YouTube users may be familiar with the videos posted by The Bearded Explorer, who explores derelict buildings around the UK and beyond, posting videos of the more interesting things he finds. Often his discoveries involve motor vehicles that have been shut away for many years.

Land Rover fans may be particularly fascinated by his latest documented find, a Series III from 1986 that has sat in mint condition in an abandoned barn alongside a number of other classic cars such as a Rover 213, Mk1 Capri and an old tractor. He was alerted to their presence by a friend who was in the process of successfully bidding for them in an auction after the former owner had died. 

The vehicle was in particularly good condition as it had just over 2,000 miles on the clock, which may make it the lowest mileage of any Series III available at auction in the UK. The vehicle still had the 1986 tax disc in its window.

Speaking in the video, the Bearded Explorer noted a particular feature of the vehicle was the state of the chassis. He said the concrete floor and constant flow of air had helped ensure the state of the vehicle had not deteriorated.

As a result, there won’t be a need for many new 4×4 vehicle parts to make this Land Rover fit for the road again.

The same could not be said for one other vehicle on the site, a 1971 Land Rover standing outside the garage. Exposure to weather had caused its condition to deteriorate badly, meaning any new owners will have a huge restoration job on their hands.

It is not the first time the explorer has found vintage Land Rovers in his explorations. Four years ago he came across a ‘Land Rover Graveyard’ with around 50 of the vehicles. 

Sadly, he was not only denied access to get a closer look, but one of the comments on the video came from someone who knew the owners and claimed they never sold any of the vehicles, leaving them to rust instead.

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