Waiting List For Fully Electric Range Rover Opens

As Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) commences testing on its first full electric Range Rover model, the waiting list has opened for those who want to be the first to pre-order the upcoming vehicle.

JLR has revealed that more patents are anticipated to be filed for the New Range Rover Electric than any other before it, with prototypes now being subjected to one of the most rigorous engineering sign-off programmes ever.

The testing will look at the vehicle’s ability to deal with a range of extreme temperatures, conditions and terrains.

Utilising a unique active road noise cancellation configuration and sound design, plus cabin comfort levels enabled by its electric underpinnings, the EV is also on target to be the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever.

The vehicle will be assembled at the brand-new £70m underbody facility at the Modular Longitudinal Architecture in Solihull, alongside existing mild and extended-range plug-in electric hybrid Range Rover vehicles.

For the batteries electric drive units (EDUs), these will be assembled at JLR’s new Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

In JLR’s press release, Managing Director Geraldine Ingham spoke ahead of the opening of the waiting lists. She said demand has been through the roof for what’s set to be the most in-demand model ever.

“Since going on sale in 2021 the latest generation Range Rover has set a new benchmark for desirability. Across the globe, we’re seeing the highest levels of client demand in our 53-year history.

“Because of this unprecedented success story, we’re now opening the official waiting list for the opportunity to be among the first to place a pre-order for the most anticipated Range Rover of recent times.

“Marking a new era for the Range Rover brand: the original luxury SUV is now available as an all-electric model.”

If you’re a Range Rover owner and you’re not ready to go fully electric just yet, we offer a range of services. This includes a full Range Rover engine rebuild.

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