What Are The Most Desirable Features In Vintage Land Rovers?

Land Rovers have a special place in many people’s affections, with vintage versions of the iconic 4×4 still popular to this day.

However, like all cars, there have been many iterations of Land Rovers over the years and buyers of vintage models are often looking for similar features.

In fact, The ClassicCars.com Journal recently shared research conducted by vintage Land Rover specialist John Brown 4×4 Ltd, which revealed what buyers are often looking for in vintage models of these vehicles.

It revealed that Land Rovers that are described as “Truck-cab versions” sell almost twice as quickly as other models. These vehicles have a hard roof over the front part of the vehicle, but a soft top over the rear.

Land Rovers that are grey in colour are also incredibly popular, the research noted. However, it’s not only the appearance of a vehicle that boosts its popularity. What’s under the hood also counts.

Vehicles with Land Rover’s 2.5-litre 200TDI diesel engine often sell quickly, with the dealership noting that it “is relatively easy to maintain, unlike newer engines with electronic systems, and runs smoothly while exceeding 250,000 miles”.

This particular engine was introduced to Land Rovers in 1989, so if you have a vintage vehicle you may find investing in a Land Rover engine rebuild in the UK is beneficial to keep it functioning at its best.

If you’re new to the world of 4×4 vehicles and are wondering what the difference between a Land Rover and a Range Rover is, check out our blog on the subject. One of the most important elements to understand, however, is that Land Rover is the brand name, while Range Rovers are specific types of Land Rover models.

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