What Land Rover’s Electric Future Will Look Like

Jaguar Land Rover has grand plans to match or even beat the rest of the automotive industry with exciting new electric engine technology, its chief executive Thierry Bollore revealed last week.

While this is a very green move, it may leave some wondering what this means for owners of existing vehicles.

Mr Bollore certainly used his first press conference since taking up his post to make some big announcements: 2,000 job losses in non-manufacturing roles, a focus on the production of the new Jaguar XJ at the Solihull Plant and the big plan to make both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles electric as part of the “reimagining” project.

However, while Jaguar will become a purely electric car brand, Mr Bollore stopped short of announcing such a step just yet for Land Rover, albeit with a commitment to offer six electric models.

For those seeking Land Rover engine rebuilds, it may seem like the days of putting together a new diesel engine to replace a worn or damaged old one are numbered, but it is important to recognise that this will be a gradual process, one that will take some years to come through. After all, the manufacture and sale of non-diesel vehicles is not set to end until the 2030s.

In one sense, Mr Bollore was not announcing anything radically new; instead, he was simply outlining important details about the key priorities of his tenure, including a commitment to maintain a great British name in the motoring world post-Brexit.

Moreover, Land Rover has already set about taking major pioneering steps in developing the future of electrical and other innovations. As the firm’s own research and innovation page states: “The world of mobility will see more change in the next ten years than the last century. Autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility services will transform society.”

For now, therefore, those classic Land Rover models are there to be enjoyed, with a promise that the future will bring some epic new innovations that should continue to create a great driving experience while becoming much greener.

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